Prospective Marriage (Fiance) Visa


If you are required to supply an Evidence of Notice Letter from a celebrant to The Immigration Department that confirms your intent to marry Naomi can help.

In order to receive this you must lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage with Naomi. Naomi is authorised by the Commonwealth of Australia to then provide you with a certified letter for The Immigration Department that advises them of the details of your intended marriage. A detailed step by step description of what this involves is at the bottom of this page.

As visas take an indeterminate amount of time to be granted, Naomi offers a flat fee for this service.

The cost to formally lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage and provide you with a certified copy of your legal documents, along with an Evidence of Notice letter is $250.

How can I get an Evidence of Notice Letter?





Contact Naomi to confirm you want to start the process and to discuss your personal circumstances. She will then issue you with an invoice that must be paid upfront.




Naomi will email you a digital information kit and advise you of what documentation you will be required to present based on her assessment of your personal circumstances.




Naomi will assist you in completing the Notice of Intended Marriage.

It is preferable to do this in person as Naomi can witness it. If only one of you can attend a meeting to lodge the Notice that is fine. If you both cannot attend the Notice can be completed remotely, although you will have to have your signatures appropriately witnessed by an approved authority in this instance.




Once Naomi has received a signed and witnessed copy of the Notice it is formally lodged.




Naomi will then issue you with your certified Evidence of Notice Letter for the Immigration department within 24 hours (or on the next business day).




Naomi will continue to be available to support you in any questions you may have regarding your wedding or your visa at any time.