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Behind The Scene: Boho Picnic Elopement


Naomi Korolew So today we’re at the Old Church in Red Hill to marry Bec and Leigh and they have an interesting and a sad story. I first met them four years ago, when we first started doing pop up weddings at one of our very first venues down [...]

Behind The Scene: Boho Picnic Elopement2020-12-03T21:27:21+11:00

Elopement Venue Tour: The Old Church Red Hill


Naomi Korolew Hi, everyone, I just wanted to do a venue tour of our new Boho Picnic Elopement venue, which is the Old Church up here in Red Hill. So you can see it’s cold up here in Victoria today, I could smell wood smoke in the air. [...]

Elopement Venue Tour: The Old Church Red Hill2020-12-03T21:05:50+11:00

What is a Pop Up Elopement?


Naomi Korolew So what’s a Pop Up Elopement? And how is it different from our regular elopement?Well, Pop Up Elopement means absolutely everything is included from planning to your legal marriage to your photographer to your styling and your food and drink.It also means that they’re on set [...]

What is a Pop Up Elopement?2020-12-03T14:45:33+11:00

Me & My Why


Why parenting alone has made me the better version of myselfWhen I chose to exit my marriage, my ex chose to exit the country.I was suddenly the sole parent of – and the sole provider for – my 15 month-old son. I still actually had a job at this time, [...]

Me & My Why2020-12-03T14:30:11+11:00

Your Wedding Your Way Facebook Group


Join the conversation... I’m a firm believer that there is no right way to be married – only the right way for you. Yet the wedding industry keeps serving up the same traditional format over and over again. When I first became a celebrant I was struck by the [...]

Your Wedding Your Way Facebook Group2020-12-03T15:01:25+11:00

In the Press: The Sydney Morning Herald


I was recently interviewed for an article in The Sydney Morning Herald's Daily life section on self marriage - or sologamy, as it's come to be know. Personally, I think the idea of self marriage is ridiculous. Legally, you can't enter into a partnership with yourself. And, to me, the [...]

In the Press: The Sydney Morning Herald2020-11-13T00:48:22+11:00
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