Hi, everyone, I just wanted to do a venue tour of our new Boho Picnic Elopement venue, which is the Old Church up here in Red Hill.

So you can see it’s cold up here in Victoria today, I could smell wood smoke in the air. And I’m going to show you this little chapel that you wouldn’t necessarily know it was even there. So all you need to do is follow the lights which are always on.

And there is a bit of a history to this chapel, which has been in Red Hill for over a 100 years. And the current owners weren’t very happy with where it was situated. So what they did is they picked it up, and they repositioned it to give it a better view.

So over here, we’ve got National Park, so it’s just natural bush land, down into the valley. And through this unassuming little door, we’ve got the chapel itself.

So this is the chapel. It’s a beautiful space. It’s really intimate and it’s really small, so he can see the benefit of the view. Clearly, they punched out this huge plate glass window and situated so you’ve got the best of views on a clear day. You can even see as far as Western Port Bay over there. But either way, you’ve got like this lush, verdant green grass, trees.

And then of course, we have our Boho Picnic setup. So we always have the teepee, the ottomans, the cushions, the bronx, the pampas grass, the native flowers, as you know. Now, there’s always a few little easter egg type surprises for our Boho Picnic Elopement.

So in here, we’ve got incense, Bluetooth speaker, mozzie repellent, just in case for those summer months, natural sunscreen, just a few little bits and pieces, just to help enhance your day. Now we’ve got the candles going today. Always have French champagne, because it’s a wedding. And of course, we always have an amazing local grazing platter, which you can see today with personalized little sugar cookies there for Bec and Leigh, who were marrying today.

So one of the other advantages of this being a winter venue is we have this excellent pot bellied stove, which is kicking out actually some serious heat. So it’s appropriately named fatso for pot bellied stove here on the grill. So that’s really great.

And then now you know, we have Peninsula Wild Flower as part of our collective who do these amazing bouquets and buttonholes.Now then locally grown seasonal native flowers, so whatever’s in season is what we get. And then I want to show you outside.

So if you book a winter boho picnic elopement, and you find that it’s surprisingly seasonal and warm, we can come outside, and we can do it out here on the lawn, so we can set you up overlooking the valley. And when we shoot your photography, and we’d get an hour photography included with our Boho Picnic Elopement, and you simply head through this gate here, and down to the National Forest as well. And then of course, we have this amazing backdrop of the chapel with the windows, which is really, really sweet.

So that is our new venue. The Old Chapel, sorry, the Old Church rather at Red Hill, getting confused with our rustic little chapel wedding, which you should also check out which is in a chapel in Murdoch.

Now, if you want to book this, the good news is that this is now available through winter. So it’s an all weather venue and you can see it’s beautiful. So there you go. If we can help you with a Boho Picnic Elopement, let us know. Cheers!

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