Welcoming Ceremonies


Welcome your little one into the world.

A Naming or Welcome Ceremony is a secular celebration to welcome your child to the world and into your family.

Naming ceremonies are increasingly popular among people seeking a non-religious way to celebrate the growth of their family. And Naming Days are not just for newborns, they can be adapted to celebrate adoptions, step children or step siblings of any age.

Naming Ceremonies can involve significant people chosen to act as mentors for the child, in the same way a Christening recognises god parents. There is no limit or gender bias as to how many mentors you choose, with friends and grandparents often involved.

Each Naming Ceremony is different and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Naming Ceremonies are even being¬†incorporated into Baby Showers – before the baby has even arrived – as part of a ‘name reveal’ celebration.


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