How Do We Elope?


An elopement is typically a shorter, more intimate version of a traditional wedding that is celebrated with only a handful of guests – or none at all.

Elopements appeal to different couples for different reasons. Some couples may not be comfortable being the center of attention, or be seeking a small wedding due to a limited budget or family issues. Some may want to marry in Australia while on holiday and others still may just love the idea of a small romantic wedding somewhere special.

Whatever the reason you may be considering an elopement, Naomi offers you the same service level that you would receive when booking a wedding and will tailor a package to suit you.

It’s your wedding, do it your way.

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When you book your elopement with Naomi you will receive;

  • AMAZING RESOURCES – A fabulous Ceremony Toolkit: Your Wedding Your Way, to provide you with everything you could possibly want or need to plan your elopement
  • EDITORIAL CONTROL – Your ceremony, written about you, over which you have 100% editorial control
  • BEST PA IN TOWN – Provision of a crystal clear cordless PA system and seamless management of your ceremony music – if required!
  • METICULOUS PLANNING – Comprehensive planning that will address everything from risk management to choreography to ensure your elopement is conducted with grace and style
  • UNLIMITED CONSULTATIONS – Access to ongoing support before, during and even after your wedding

How much does a celebrant cost?

More than your shoes, less than your dress

Weddings, like people, are all different.

Naomi doesn’t do cookie cutter ceremonies or cookie cutter prices.

Talk to her about your ideas for eloping and she’ll tailor a quote to suit you.

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How Do We Elope?





Contact Naomi to arrange a free one hour consultation to check availability, discuss your ceremony ideas, ask loads of questions and review her service options and fee schedule.  This is your opportunity to check Naomi out and see if she would be a good fit for your wedding.




If you decide to book Naomi for your elopement you need to complete a Booking Form and pay a non-refundable deposit to confirm your date.  At this point you will receive a gift bag containing your Ceremony Toolkit:  Your Wedding, Your Way which includes;

  • An overview of the legal process and ceremony structure and options available to you
  • A Booklet containing a plethora of sample ceremonies, rituals, poetry and readings, vows and ring exchange options
  • Guidance on how to write your own vows.
  • A complete Legal Kit of all relevant forms couples may require, from the Notice of Intended Marriage that all couples must complete prior to their wedding, to the BDM application and name change papers you will need after your honeymoon is over.
  • Ceremony Music Guidance and a current list of popular wedding songs by genre
  • Ceremony Risk Assessment Template (to be completed in the Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning Meeting)
  • Contract: My Commitment to You.
  • Happily Ever Before & After: Relationship Education Material (the provision of which is mandated by law)
  • Celebrants Code of Practice and Complaints Procedure




A copy of a Notice of Intended Marriage and information on what documents are required to confirm your identity and place and date of birth are included in your Ceremony Toolkit:  Your Wedding, Your Way. This form must be completed and lodged with Naomi at least one month prior to your wedding day, and not more than 18 months prior to your wedding day.




You will need to bring a completed copy of the ‘Notice’ to your next meeting with Naomi, as well as the relevant documents to prove your identity and place and date of birth (typically a birth certificate and passport).*

If you have been previously married you will also need to show documentation (typically a Certificate of Divorce or Death Certificate) confirming this marriage has ended.

Information on this is included in your Ceremony Toolkit: Your Wedding, Your Way and Naomi will remind you prior to the meeting as to what is required for your particular circumstances.

* International and remote couples may complete the lodgement of the Notice via email and post, but Naomi will need to sight your documents in person prior to your wedding day.



At the same meeting that you lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage, Naomi will discuss your initial ceremony plans with you to determine the style of ceremony you desire and what elements you may like to include. Music and the inclusion of poetry, readings, performance and rituals are also discussed at this time as they are important components or your ceremony structure.




Naomi will walk you through her Getting To Know You process and determine your comfort level and preferred way of working whilst drafting your ceremony. Couples may choose to complete this process in person or remotely at their discretion.




Naomi will prepare an initial draft of your ceremony that reflects your personalities and preferences and send you a copy to review. The process of redrafting and resending for your comments will continue until you are 100% happy with your ceremony and sign off on an agreed final version.




Naomi will lead you through a Ceremony Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning Session to identify any potential issues and prepare for them in advance of your wedding day.




If you ant to include music Naomi will confirm your choices with you and legally download the requested versions of your ceremony music and put them into an appropriate format.  She will manage your playlist as part of her ceremony delivery on the day, using her PA System.




Naomi recommends a rehearsal, but will check in with you to ensure you want one. This usually occurs about a week or two prior to your actual wedding and can be held either onsite at your ceremony location or at an alternate agreed location.




Naomi will officiate your ceremony as planned and rehearsed with you and present you with your Ceremonial Certificate of Marriage.




Within fourteen days after the ceremony, Naomi will forward all legal documentation to the Births Deaths and Marriages in the state where the marriage took place.




The service doesn’t stop there – Naomi will always be available to answer any queries you may have, even once the honeymoon is over.